Yacht & Boat Race Preparation

Winning a race is about many things, but they all start with good preparation. Without a clean, smooth and well-prepared hull, you may as well not go out to the starting line. Whether you are racing each weekend or preparing for a once-a-year lap around the Isle of Wight, we’ll help you get ready.

Once back on the dock with the trophies, we can help get your boat back to order, then ensure that a dehumidifier runs on board until she is dry inside.

Race Preparation Services

  • boat-raceLift, scrub and re-launch
  • Eco-friendly antifoul removal
  • Professional preparation for repainting
  • Antifoul application
  • Wet n'Dry finishing
  • Hull polish
  • Waterline preparations
  • Winch servicing
  • Checking and servicing of all mechanical items
  • Removal and storage of heavy or unnecessary inventory items
  • blakes-antifoul
  • copper-coat
  • fairline
  • i-paint
  • key-yachting
  • raymarine
  • marco-marine
  • mdl
  • nicolle
  • osmotech
  • propspeed
  • showrooms
  • sea ventures
  • wittey marine international