Osmosis Treatment & Repairs

Osmosis problems will not sink your boat but they can be serious and putting it right can be expensive if it is not addressed at an early stage.

Osmosis in the hull of a boat can be detected by blisters within the gel coat which smell like vinegar when they are burst. The problem can be confirmed by hull readings. Osmosis blisters contain three corrosive chemicals. Treating osmosis requires careful preparation as follows:

  1. Firstly we peel the gel coat back to the fibreglass
  2. Then we grit blast the hull to open up the blisters
  3. We then steam pressure wash the hull a number of times
  4. We place 100C steam vacuums on the hull until the readings on the hull drop considerably

Throughout this process we check the hull readings and we ensure that the hull is dried properly. After the hull is thoroughly dried epoxy fillers are used to skim the bottom. After the osmosis is treated we apply epoxy coatings and then a coating of the customer’s choice either anti-fouling or Coppercoat as required.

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